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The Package

Can I just say that ordering online is sometimes a pain. Or maybe my family just has really bad luck when it comes to packages.

So if you don't know, this was a slight nudge of Andy Biersack's graphic novel The Ghost of Ohio (it was fantastic by the way) and the battle we had getting it.

So we pre-ordered this buddy back in January, it wasn't set to release until April, I think April 12th? Mamma you will have to correct me.

So when April comes around, it was not saying that it was ready to set out or anything, like what the heck? Apparently it was not existing in the system anymore (we were getting it from Wal-Mart) and we had to cancel the order.

So it is MAY now and we finally get it through Amazon earlier than expected (Thanks Amazon you are great as always ♥) but then apparently Wal-Mart never fully canceled the order and we had the other set shipped out to us. Thankfully with no hassle, my lovely mamma was able to take it back and we still have our books from Amazon.

That was a battle and ahhh. Thankfully we have it and I get to enjoy it again and again just as Kagami gets to enjoy her Phantom of Utah? Yeah, yes.

Alright, be safe out there when you are ordering stuff. Always look at your tracking!

Stay safe and Stay Sweet! 🍫🍓

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