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The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting Ep 1. Reaction - Feat. Shun

I have been so excited to watch this. For some reason I am getting like Kakushigoto vibes. If you have not watched Kakushigoto, I highly reccomend it.

It is all about a manga artist raising his daughter, but he doesn't want her to know he is a manga artist until she is of age. And it is literally one of the most precious animes I have every seen. There is just something so sweet about a father daughter bond that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Now, this isn't like a daddy-daughter show, I think it is leader person's daughter and one of the members of his "house?" what is the term for a group of Yakuza...I should probably know this, but it is one of his workers, helping watch this girl.

So, because I am in the mood for some fatherly essence (that sounds really weird) I am having Shun join us today as we watch The Yakuza Guide to Babysitting!

How are you doing Shun?

Shun: I'm happy to be joining in on one of your anime reactions. It is nice to participate in on something more youthful.

You make it seem like you are treated as an old man.

Shun: When you are surrounded by nothing but teenagers, the age factor kinda gets to ya.

Don't worry, Shun, you are still youthful and viberant in my eyes.

Shun: That's because you can't stop staring at me.

Uh...umm..LET'S WATCH THE SHOW shall we?

I like this guy's Kirishima's voice, it is so deep and wonderful.

Shun: He is kinda cute too.

I think the other guy is more appealing.

Shun: It is because of the hairstyle isn't it?

Don't call me out like that, Shun!

Shun: That little girl is just so cute! She reminds me of a little Kagami with that hairstyle.

I...I don't think stomping a guy on the hip is talking out things peacefully, Kirishima...just saying.

Shun: Better than killing him.

Are those your standards?!

Shun: Having to watch a child does help a lot of reasponibility.

Are you...actually responbilie?

Shun: Hey! I'll have you know that I bathed, fed, and changed, Kagami, Itachi, Riku, and Zhen! ALL AT ONCE! least one out of the four turned out alright.

Shun: Wait...which one?



Ahem, so Yaeka, she is very cute. He is brushing her hair! I am going to lose my mind.

Shun: To be fair... He didn't do that bad of a job with doing her hair. I tried to do different hairstyles for Kagami, and well... let's just say they didn't turn out that well. Sorry, Kagami

Sugihara with the pigtails, I am going to die. He is so cute!!! Shun, can I give you pigtails?

Shun: No, and you can't do braids either.

Dang it!

Shun: Yaeka seems very conflicted in her emotions, almost like she is hiding something.

She might not just know exactly how she feels about anything else. Being a kid is rough, no one tells you how emotions work, probably because the adults are just as confused why the kid is feeling that way.

Shun: He cleaned up for her, even changed his hair to go to the open house! I am going to die from this, that is just so precious!

Kirishima is just so cute!!!

She is so happy he showed up!

Shun: It is very true that family is not always built from blood, you gather closeness for one another and that is how you build a family.

This show is way to wholesome, it is probably going to rip our hearts out, Shun.

Shun: It's okay, we can cry together.

Thank you for joining us today!

Are you watching The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting? Let us know!

Watch here:

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