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There's No More!

If you heard a random scream from out of nowhere that was me because it is just a really bad technology day!

First I was trying to make it so Choco Ichigo can be read on Instagram and I learned that, that was a stupid idea because you can't post portrait and landscape pictures together. How stupid is that? So I had to make everything the square size and it looks so strange. If you are reading this and have Instagram, go give it a like because I was in near tears trying to deal with that stupid situation. I have learned for next week, but that was so irritating!

Then for some reason the blog posting on here was acting up and making my type weird things. I don't know what happened there but I think it is okay now.

I need a hug.

Anyway, about the post. I think my favorite thing about Choco Ichigo is that I get to release my feelings with my characters. I have been annoying the heck out of everyone with my current obsession and now it is brought onto my character in several posts. I think that is a healthy way to do things? Hey, at least it is giving something people can relate to. That has always been my goal!

Anyway, I need to go get busy cleaning up my room. I got a new bed! (Thanks Mamma and thank you Grandma for the rest of the set!) So maybe I'll have more energy this week and I'll actually post more Choco Ichigo related stuff. One can only hope right?

Well anyway, I hope you all have a great week!

Stay safe and Stay sweet! ♥

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