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Tower of God / Ep. 3 Review

So much happened in this episode that was I not expecting, I am confused but enchanted. I feel like that is the attitude for this entire series. Confused, but enchanted.

The show starts with people at the top of the tower, whispering, gossiping about someone named Maria and another person Aguero. We see Khun on the floor and the chattering mentions he is from a family that has been exiled. I don't know for what, but it also mentions that Khun is this abandoned son. So I wonder if Khun isn't this character with bad intentions, maybe this whole reason to get to the top of the tower is to either see his family again or to see Maria? I don't know, I am very confused but this is going to be that driving force for Khun.

The group passed the test with the Shinsu, divine water, are waiting around for their next task. The Shinsu is making an apparition of the sky, which all of the testers do not believe in. They do not believe that the sky exists because of this tower! We learn from Bam that Rachel must have known something about the sky because she wanted to see the stars and Bam wants to take Rachel to see the stars. That is just so sweet. This part was glazed over so fast, but it really made a point that these people have no idea what the outside world really is and that is so interesting.

Finally, the group is onto their next test where we meet Hansung Yu, an advance ranked, where each team has a time limit of 10 minutes and they need to open the door before then or else they will meet a terrible fate. The whole test was based on time and although it was short, it gave us even more of a taste of the tricky that is in this tower.

The next task to ascend the tower was given by Lero Ro, the Test admin where testers will have a choice of a bonus test. If they win this test then they have a chance to make it to the top of the tower. The task at hand is to be the team to get a crown after time is up to one person from the team wears the crown and their teammates defend them and make sure no one can get the crown. The one who is wearing the crown cannot get up from their seat or their team immediately loses.

We got to see more of Anaaka's moves and how she fights. She is so cool! I love her and how strong she is. Although, when it comes to the other teams perhaps that strength and the abilities of her teammate might lead to her downfall. We will have to find out what happens to her next episode.

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Source: Anime News Network

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