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Tower Of God / Ep. 4 Review

Who is going to get the crown, keep the crown until the very end, and win?

Anaaka takes her rightful place on the throne after decimating the first team during the crown bonus game to get to the top of the tower. Now the other teams must go through the feebleminded Shibisu and the swordsman, Hatz to get the crown from Anaaka. However, that is no easy task.

This just makes me love Shibisu even more because he is just so normal, that is his thing he is normal compared to all these powerful people and yet he is somehow still fighting and winning? Kind of?

I knew the sleepy guy was going to be this completely powerful dude and he is because he attacks the crowned team with his own manifestation of Shinsu, the water power like the teams had met with before.

During all of this, The Black March, Bam's borrowed sword is going nuts and they haven't even made it into the competition yet. This causes Anaaka to be interested and she demands Bam to give her the sword because he is not worthy enough for that sword.

Anaaka is the wielder of The Green April and these swords along with another 11 were made by the King Jahad, the person at the top of the tower to be bestowed to his princesses. Bam, however, refuses to give the sword because it isn't his sword to give which leads to Anaaka making a bet that if Bam wins the bonus round and keeps the crown that he can keep the sword but if he loses he needs to give Anaaka the sword.

This leads to the best quote ever when Khun was applauding Bam's bravery of refusing Anaaka's demands, Bam mentions that it would have been betraying the true owner of the sword Yuri who gave Bam the sword during the first floor of the tower and requested the sword back when he was done. He was taught that betraying someone is bad by Rachel and it is even worst to betray a girl because, "Betraying a girl is the same as making an enemy of the world." Which I very true. We don't hold back and we sure don't forget.

Now we have to wait and see who ends up with the crown in the end and will get to advance to the top of the tower. Hmm it shall be interesting!

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Source: Anime News Network

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