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Tower of God / Ep. 5 Review

Oh man, we are still in this crown game. Just who will come out on top?!

We are in the 3rd round now with Bam, Rak, and Khun joining in. Khun gets the crown and tricks everyone with multiple crowns! With that, the 3rd round was over because the actual crown was placed on Bam's cute head. Mary Poppins could never with a bag like Khun's!

Especially with the fact that Khun was literally carrying people inside of it! Yes! People from the first round of a fight to the death where only 200 people were allowed to pass and carry on to the next round, Khun stowed away 3 people. This was so deceiving but clever because it was enough for a team and he told them they could carry on to the rest of the floors if they followed him. When it came to the fourth round, those extra people fought while Bam's team just took a break.

Then it came to the fifth and final round and oh boy, did we get some drama. Bam finally sees Rachel after all this time, but she isn't the same as before. He keeps calling out to her while she and another teammate actually guard him. For some reason Rachel's team is fighting the other teams and protecting, but why? Well, another opponent is not having this and manages to get passed Rak, passed one of the guards of Bam, and goes to attack Rachel.

What happens next, I cannot believe it. Bam is actually attacked by the woman in tights and emerges a glowing gold light! What the heck?! I thought only certain people were supposed to have Shinsu and they have to mention they have Shinsu.

Oh my goodness, what is even happening. Why is Bam such a cutie pie but also a total beast?! Just who is this kid?

The game ended with no one winning since the crown was actually destroyed. So...we had 3 episodes of the crown game for it to just end with no winner. What the heck?!?!?!?! I mean, it makes sense because if someone won the crown game then well they get sent to the top of the Tower and that is just too easy!

This show is amazing. I never know what is going to happen next. The characters are all so mysterious, they each have a deep impact that all revolve around this tower and I want to learn them all. I want a moment between Rachel and Khun, explaining their reasons to climb the Tower and how their paths got them to the point of meeting Bam and protecting him. This is just so fun!

Are you watching Tower of God? Tell me about it!

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