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Tower of God / Ep. 6 Review

I...I don't like her. She may have some good quotes sometimes, but at this time I do not like Rachel.

She goes and tells Khun to lie to Bam about her being Rachel. She doesn't want Bam to know she is Rachel because if they knew each other then they will be "each other's weakness." Sweetie, that isn't how friendship works! Bam would fight for you, has fought for you, and has almost died so many times to be with you. And you just go, "Nah, brah, I don't want us to die, I just want to go to the top of the tower to see the stars." Pfft, pffffft, what good are stars if you have no one to share them with? Hmm? YEAH Rachel, shush. Bam is a sweet, cutie pie, baby boy.

They are on to the fourth test which I guess school is in session? Because they all have to take classes and get special training for certain positions they are holding. Fisherman, Spare bearer, light bearer, scout, and wave controller.

Bam is a wave controller because he can emit Shinsu and he has to form a contract to be able to control Shinsu. He meets Hoh, who tries to play off that he is really strong with Shinsu and agrees to help and kind of team up with Bam. I think Hoh is really cute, maybe he is a good character? I don't know, yet. But anyway, ff course, ya boy Bam is a natural and is getting the training done super fast.

Next, we have Shibisu and Hatz wanting to befriend Khun and Bam because their positions are scouts and the scouts need to obtain 9 friends for their training. It is kind of adorable everyone getting alone. I mean yeah, they are all trying to kill each other when they are not eating together, but who cares! They all have the same mission to get to the top, might as well help each other out as much as they can before they kill each other!

Lastly, Anaak, oh Anaak. Anaakhas had a rough time. She goes after Eurasia in their training and we learn a bit about her. Like, um...Yeah, Anaak is not really Anaak. She is the daughter of Anaak, one of the princesses of Jahad. She is an orphan after her father was killed, and probably her mother (I got a little confused) by other Princesses of Jahad. Now her mission is the kill all the Princesses of Jahad to get revenge. That is deep.

This story is just and developing more and more. Each character is getting this deep meaningful backstory and exploring why each person is there. I think that is so cool. I still want more of Khun's backstory because it has confused me so much and I need to learn more!

Are you watching Tower of God? Tell me about it!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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