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Tower of God / Ep. 7 Review

We know that King Jehad was the first man to ever climb the tower and that he has personally picked different princesses to fight for him. None of the princesses are related and they are pretty expendable too even though they hold just a high power. They also have such strong rules against just like how the princesses cannot have children.

And that is how we get to Anaak's story. We learned last week that Anaak was an orphan and her mother and father were killed in a fire created by the other Princesses of Jahad because Anaak the real Anaak had gone against the rules and had a child.

Anaak seeks revenge and wants to destroy all the princesses and so she has a fight with Endorsi. They are both in the test that if they fall off these platforms they fail their tests. I like this moment between them because first, we learn so much more about Anaak and that she has a weak side. In the end, they both fall and lose the match, but in an odd way, they grow closer together.

Bam attempts to get better control of Shinsu, he is able to gain power but still does not have complete control. Can I just say, I am so happy that Bam isn't just getting lucky with everything? Like, of course, it is surprising how he has been able to live so long, especially with the help of others, but goodness I am happy to see a character struggle with something! But what I love about Bam and his struggles is that he is just proud he is making progress. It isn't a shonen way of guidance of "I had to get good at this! Or it means nothing! No, he just goes along like a little kid saying "Hey! I am doing it!" He is just so precious!

We have Hatz and Shibisu asking for help from Khun and Bam, because as scouts they need to fill out a friends list and they still had two spots left to fill. So even though it is a little dirty, they get Endorsi and Anaak to sign the paper with the bribery of food. I worked, but dang.

There was a moment between Endorsi and Rachel that kind of made me love Endorsi so much. She is talking to Rachel about Bam and she asks "Is climbing the tower really worth more than being with Bam?" And pun intended...BAM Get her Endorsi! Even Endorsi, a princess of Jahad was willing to set aside her difference with people to help others and Rachel is just like, I'm gonna buy apples and avoid people.

Though...She isn't able to avoid Bam for long, because the moment they have been training for, the next test is a game of TAG! Rachael is on the same team as Bam so I wonder how that is going to go. Bam and Khun are separated which is very unfortunate because how this game of tag works is that they have a Test Admin as "It' and they need to get the badges from the Test Admin and if all of the players get Tags and don't get the badges, they lose. So...Bam or Khun could lose and not make it to the top of the tower. Oh no.

But...I love Quant, the Test Admin for team B, because, oh my goodness he is adorable. He is a hyper but kind of grumpy boy if you tick him off enough. I want more of him, I am excited to see if Khun and the rest of the team can win against him.

So much in this episode, so many emotions, but goodness sakes am I always so pumped for more!

Are you watching Tower of God? Tell me about it!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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