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Tower of God Episode 10 Review

After the game of tag and both teams win, there are a lot of decisions to unfold.

Rak for some reason was shrunken by one of the test admin, he is so cute, I want a Rak plushie, but like the size of how he would be in the show, which..even tiny he is still pretty big!

You know, the three of them, Khun, Bam, and Rak have been through a lot and in some odd way have gotten closer. When Khun says he has no reason to climb the tower Rak says that he would drag him up there. Sure it might be because he still wants to fight Khun and Bam since they are his "prey" but no, he really does care about those boys. So sweet!

Due to Rachel's injury, he can no longer walk and does not want to become a hindrance to Bam. Bam being the sweetie pie, greatest boy ever says that he would still follow her anywhere. Bam... I get it, you love her, but hmmm I still don't trust her! Because she talks about why she abandoned Bam. He was weak and in her way and it was annoying how he always needed her. What the heck Rachel? The boy was living in a cave! What do you think? He didn't know anything! Don't..Just...DON'T! And then she tries to turn it around saying that Bam abandoned her because he doesn't need her anyway. didn't like that he was a weakling, but you are feeling abandoned because he grew up and developed all on this mission to come find you? I...I hate her. Rachel, you are not a good person. Maybe she will get some rejection, but ooooooh that scene just rubbed me the wrong way.

They give Hoh a proper send-off, it was very special and so many people actually gathered for him.

Everyone gathers and finds out who can move on. Due to Rachel's injuries, she cannot continue on and fails the test. However, some people are not satisfied with that because they all care about Bam and they know that Bam will not leave Rachel behind. So, there is an administrator test that they can take, however, Bam has to negotiate the test because dun dun dunnnn He is an irregular! And people are all surprised by this! Ahh! An irregular is a person who came to the tower by themselves instead of being chosen.

So now everyone has to make a choice. To assist Bam to help Rachel up to the top or continue on their own. If they agree to help Bam they will be branded as irregular accomplices forever.

Khun says that he wouldn't assist BAm because of him being an irregular, and this makes so many people mad and they join Bam's cause. But Khun was just acting so people would actually join with Bam. Oh Khun, we love you.

Oof, I am nervous. I have no idea what this administrator test is going to be like. I mean it is Hunsang Yu putting this all together, it has to be something severely messed up. Oh boy. Wish everybody luck!

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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