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Tower Of God Episode 11

It is time for the final tests. The test that well let everyone get to the top of the Tower if Bam and Rachel pass.

And also the part where I get really freaking confused.

So, Bam and Rachel are in a bubble in the middle of this ocean created from Shinsu and they have to be consumed by this creature and spat out onto dry land and that means they win. However, there are other creatures that will try to eat them and if they are eaten by the creatures well...they lose. That is the best way I can explain it because it got so hecking confusing.

The other creatures include Goblins who control worms if the worms eat Bam and Rachel that is an immediate loss and also death. The idea is to get these "Net dolphins" safely to the net which will be taken up with Bam and Rachel in the bubble, however, if the net dolphins are disturbed then many things could go wrong. Especially since the main threat, other than being eaten by the wrong creature is something called The Bull.

The Bull is able to sense anything that moves and will eat it. At the moment the Bull is not a threat to Bam and Rachel but instead is in the forest where Shibisu, Anaak, Endorsi, and a few others are.

Anaak and Endorsi have a bet between the two of them when fighting the bull, of course, there is a bet. If Endorsi wins then she gets the 13-month swords Anaak has and if Anaak wins then Endorsi will be her personal servant. Sounds pretty good if you know...the bull didn't run off and then they meet up with Ren of the Royal Enforcement which is just such a freaking terrifying creature. I didn't know a large ball of rice that smiles and wears sneakers would be so disturbing to me, but hey, it totally makes sense because he is freaking evil and is actually the one controlling the Bull to attack everyone.

During this time Bam and Rachel are talking int the bubble. Bam is trying not to act anxious because if he hs anxious then that would make Rachel scared. Bam, sweetie, gosh dang it, he is so cute! So baby, just so baby. He reflects on the time when an Administrator asks what he wants at the top of the tower. Of course, he answers that he wants to be with Rachel at the top. But he said he had a second want, it was the moment in the cafeteria. He wanted all his friends laughing and eating together and having that moment last forever. If it were me..I would totally go with that second option because seeing the fight that everyone is putting into this test and all the tests...they deserve that happiness. Rachel, does she deserve that happiness? In my opinion...hEcK NO, but hey if it makes Bam happy, then that is all that matters right?

So much stuff is going to go down, I just know it. Two episodes left and dang it, people are probably going to die, I am going to be throwing remotes, just things are going to happen and my anxiety..I need a Bam to calm down my anxiety, okay? Because it is going crazy. Pfffftt, I'm excited though. Even though this final test has totally tripped up my brain when including hecking net dolphins and goblins and all that, but it sure is an experience and I cannot wait to see what happens next!

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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