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Tower Of God Episode 12 Review

It took me about 30 minutes to decompress from this episode. So...we are in for a wild ride.

Just in the moments of everyone's potential demise, the power of Shinsu comes to save them. A moment of clarity and healing.

Ren thinks for a moment that he has control of Endorsi and orders her to kill Anaak, but HA no, regains herself and asks Anaak if they could go to lunch together. I love these twos friendship. However, Ren is still not giving up, but for his loss Yuri, the Princess that Bam met at the very beginning of the Tower makes it just in time thanks to Shibisu (Give it up for Shibisu everyone!) she comes in and saves Endorsi and Anaak. Yuri is amazing. She is so strong and totally wipes out Ren. Thank goodness, Ren was really just...I don't know why he is just so freaky to me! he is like a demented happy meal.

On the other side on desert land, Khun figures out that there is an underground path that the dolphins go through and the Pigs follow that way as well so it leads the goblins and worms to go eat the dolphins, but we don't want that. So they find a way for the pigs and goblins to fight each other so the net dolphins can make it safely. I am still so confused about all these animals, but hey, everyone gets to show their powers like Lauroe saving all the spear bearers and, interrupting his nap, first off, how dare they, but secondly..good job Lauroe!

Khun decides he would take a "break" to meet this mysterious person that just shows up, another member of the Khun family. He is like Khun but..somehow prettier? I don't know how that is possible since Khun is already so adorable. Apparently he is another outcast of the family. I don't know his point, it feels so random for him to just pop up like that. I feel like Khun's entire backstory is so "random." Like, it has a purpose, I know it does, like him being exiled from the kingdom and having this "relationship" that wasn't really a relationship with Maria, I don't know. I feel like it is one of those thing better covered in the Webtoon comic than in the show. I should probably read it so I can understand so much more.

But do I really..Do I really want to go through through this pain again? Before Ren's well... smushing, he ordered the Bull to go after Bam and Rachel. Bam is fighting the Bull, doing his everything to protect Rachel and shoots out such a strong beam of shinsu and kills the Bull, being such a hero for this...terrible girl. I...I TOLD YOU I said it out into the world that Rachel was up to something! Trying to play like the victim of everything, waaahh, Bam is a nuisance because he was a boy literally living underground and he was just getting in my to waah, Bam abandoned me because he is so independent now. That line has bothered me since it was spoken. And it just gave me a feeling that NOT A GOOD PERSON!

They are so close to the end, so close, they are about to be swallowed up by the creature that will pop them out to dry land, having them win, letting both Bam and Rachel make it to the top of the tower, together.

But no.

Rachel stands up and PUSHES Bam out of the bubble and she goes up alone...

I...Wha.... I threw my remote. I screamed. I probably woke up some neighbors, just what the FAHHHHH

I hate her. I have said it since the beginning, but I just.. I hate her.

The only thing that would make this betrayal fine is if the fact that this test was just a lie. Like, if the thing that was supposed to eat Rachel and Bam and spit them out it was actually going to kill them and Rachel pushes Bam out so he doesn't die. Is that a possibility? Maybe? I don't know. I just..I am enraged with Rachel's actions. Even if she is saving Bam, I just..I don't care! She is still not a good person! Bam has done nothing but give and give to her and she stays mysterious and keeps abandoning Bam. I thought I had abandonment issues, but this boy..This boy has been traumatically abandoned twice. I, pppffft, I don't even know. Where do we go on from here?

I mean, I guess we can mention that Yuri since she cannot help out with the test she instead gives a key that looks like a feather and says to get it to Bam and go to the 77th floor. I don't know what this means. I mean, Bam is floating in the middle of the ocean, so, like..good luck?

I will never be over this betrayal. 5 anime betrayals, am I right?!

Are you watching Tower of God? Tell me about it. Let's yell together!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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