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Tower of God Episode 8 Review

We are playing a serious game of Tag here. Quant is more fierce than anyone would have expected. He is an angry boy... But I kind of adore him. I have been wanting to actually find a favorite character of this show and I love Khun, don't get me wrong, I do very much enjoy Khun, but Quant... He is... I just love him. I love angry boys, I can't help it.

However, Quant became leveled headed and decided to give Team A a headstart instead of entirely decimating them in one go which he totally could have. He wanted to see what the team was going to do after the surprise attack didn't work. He gave them a 111 Headstart and he used the stairs instead of the elevator.

Everyone is for sure that TEam A is going to lose but of course..You cannot underestimate Blue Turtle! (Khun)

How this all went down was a little confusing, because Quant does catch up to Ankka who is their "it" but Khun hides her under the bridge where she is supposed to escape to. Quant is led to believe that Ankka jumped and Khun convinced him to jump. Quant instead takes Khun down, but Khun is saved by Ankka. Quant falls to the ground but does not perish. Instead...Lauroe and Khun are both down there and help Quant back up. YEAH, they help him back up to the bridge where Quant manages to grab the badge from Ankka and team A "Loses." BUT members on team A did not technically lose because Scouts, like Khun actually had to set up ways for Team A to lose as signs for Team B. I is kind of confusing.

Now it is Team B's turn and they are not as strategic as Team A. I wonder how fast this is all going to go down and if Bam will be able to win.

I feel like I have to watch this episode again because it was very confusing. Like...You think Team A loses, but some of the team members pass. Why did Khun and Lauroe help? Also, it is a good excuse to watch Quant again, he is just so crazy.

So yeah...That happened. Are you watching Tower of God? Tell me about it!

Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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