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Tower Of God Episode 9 Review

You know, I know that people love Endorsi and I love her as well, but let's just compare her strategy to Hatz. Endorsi wanted to take out all of the fishermen to make sure she passes. Hatz tried to propose a strategy to take down the Ranker, Quant. Yeah sure Hatz did beat the heck up by Quant, but that is only because his teammates betrayed him. He, as a stoic, mysterious, cutie pie creature that he is has always been willing to work with others in order for him to pass the tests and also help others. Then Endorsi is just like, NAH and takes everyone down with her in order for her to pass even if those people are her own teammates.

I guess that is how the game works, they are all fighting to get to the top, you cannot be friends with everyone.

The next part was so unexpected like I had a feeling Hoh was up to SOMETHING but geez I did not expect him to take Rachel hostage in order to win. He says he got a letter explaining how he will make it to the top and that is by taking Rachel to get Bam to follow him and he is to kill Bam. It is either Rachel dies so Bam has no reason to continue to the top or Bam dies for whatever reason.

Poor Bam, alright, first he sees Endorsi beating up on their teammates and then he sees what he thought was a friend take his only reason for living, what a time for this poor baby. And then Hoh stabs her. I don't care for Rachel, but geez I also don't want her to die! I wanted her to get some redemption or something. Thankfully she was okay, but Hoh sure isn't... Knowing he was manipulated and accepting the fact he would not make it up to the top of the tower, he um, yeah he ded. He kills himself. That's, hmm, well. Hoh, you were great, sus as heck, but I also didn't want you to die.

While all this is going on Quant is waiting for the rest of the game to continue, and boy does it because Bam uses Quant's own Shinsu trick against him, he just learned that and got it perfectly! However, with Bam and Endorsi against Quant, Quant still managed to get Endorsi's vest which had the badge in it.

Or did it?!

Quant almost accepting his victory gets totally bamboozled, he didn't get the badge and is fooled by getting close to Endorsi and she manages to get his badge. HA Quant! Team B wins!

This episode...This...EPISODE My goodness! So much happened. To a dramatic backstory of Endorsi showing that she has no care for others and will kill whoever she needs to make it to the top to Hoh being a hecking traitor, just wow. I loved it. RIP Hoh, you had a good run.

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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork

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