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Uncle From Another World Ep. 1 Reaction - Feat. Zhen

WARNING: This is a REACTION and not a Review! There will be spoilers! Ooh, A netflix series anime? Alright, let's see how this goes... I need someone to watch this with me. ZHEN GET IN HERE!! Zhen: Oh no... Not this...please It's fine, it isn't like many people read this anyway, you are fine. It is just you and I watching an anime together, okay?

Zhen: I guess this isn't so bad. So what are we watching?

Uncle From Another World

Zhen: Is this like an Isekai kinda thing?

I think so? Is it going to be the classic getting hit by a truck scenario? Eh? Eh? No... Nope? Zhen: It was his uncle that was hit and had been in a coma for like 17 years. Okay, so as I always go into things blind, I thought this was going to be like a kid gets Isekai'ed into another world and finds an uncle or something. But no...This is something different! Zhen: I think it was his uncle that went to another world. Wait, wait... Is that allowed? People who are in Isekai are allowed to live?! I thought most of them died! No one has said anything about a coma Isekai! Zhen: I guess that is what this dude did. Because he thinks that he can do magic., he can actually do magic, what the heck?! Is that allowed?! Are you just allowed to take the powers you had from another world and have them in the real world?

Zhen: Whatever it is, it is a good exploit. Youtube videos...I am not even mad, that is a genius idea. Something you don't want to hear despair while washing dishes, right?! The dishes will never get done if you hear some bad news.

Zhen: Dang, this guy is getting so many haters, and he doesn't seem to get that is how the internet works. He doesn't seem to understand a lot about the internet just yet. Like....always pay attention to shipping, people. Shipping is how they get you! Zhen: Unless you can fly.

Unless you can fl- of course, he can fly! How magical is this guy?! Zhen: It seems like he had one heck of a time in that other world. Even meeting a girl, while he was on the brink of death. way, is he going to give her a ring?! How fast does this guy move?!

Zhen: was all for money. I am so interested in all the adventures he had in this other world! Like, the idea of some Isekai's is kinda getting a bit dry and boring, but this way of storytelling is really intriguing to me!

Zhen: He is telling about his adventures, rather than just seeing it as it happens. I am so interested to know what other ventures he went on and how ridiculous this is going to get. It is such a quirky kind of humor, very dry, but it is fun. Zhen: I feel like it is only going to get more ridiculous, but that is the fun of it. Yeah! It is going to be some kind of ride, that is for sure! Are you watching Uncle From Another World? Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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