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Viewing Party!

I know this week's upload is a bit different than most well actually completely different than most, but hey! A different post is better than no post, right right?!

I started this project last Sunday and thought I would get it done in time by Tuesday and, no, what was I thinking? And I tried to get it done by Thursday and I think I would have if I didn't take some naps but...they were hecking good naps so no regrets there.

But I thought, hey, these involve the girls, it should be a Sunday post and here it is!

In honor of Shane Dawson's new docu-series coming out the girls wanted to host a little viewing party sleep over! How fun is that?!

So they donned on their Shane merch, cracked over some root beers and made a whole lot of junk food in celebration!

I also wanted to make this more than just a picture, so I made it into a little gif, just because I thought it was cute and I like a challenge and I think it was totally worth it! I'm super happy with how it turned out and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Have you been watching Shane's new series? Because I have, not to brag but I was like the 17th viewer on the first video and the 8th on the second. Pretty sure the first few viewers was just Kagami and Puddin both refreshing the page to for the next upload to come out.

Anyway, normal posting back next week, I hope you all are enjoying your weekend, Happy October, and have a great day <3

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