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Week of April 16th

Hello once again! So I kinda took the weekend off from posting. After such an amazing week, I kinda just needed a break. Did I actually take a break? noooo. I finished a webcomic, so now I am ahead in webcomics and then I worked on my graphic novel a little bit! Yey! Monday: I always laugh when people are like, "don't stream on a Monday, you get no views on a Monday" HA ha, Monday's are amazing sometimes for me. Not all the time, but this Monday was really good. I am grateful for all the support I get, all the laughs that happen, and yeah, I love my community so so much!

Tuesday: know...yeah, i forgot to post a video today. I was in deep trying to add a new widget for my channel and...yeah...yeah I totally just forgot about it... oh well. BUT a fun thing is....WE STARTED DRAWING A FERRIS WHEEL AHHHHHH It has been my dream to draw a ferris wheel and we are doing it, it is so exciting! My next goal drawings, pirate ship and a carosel! Let's goooo Wednesday: oooh yeah chronic pain day, heck yeah. So...something happened the night before that really hurt my back and I had been dealing with the pain all day. But I think I did pretty well with the amount of work that I did considering I was in pain. Here is the fun drawing we did for this week! The funny thing about this drawing though...the Kumosaki house has 3 bathrooms...and Haruto literally has his own bathroom...WHY ARE YOU ALL IN THE SAME BATHROOM?!?! They are silly, I love them.

Thursday: Look at this sweet Haruto art made by our lovely lovely Arta! She is an absoutly outstanding artist, I adore her so so so much and I'm so happy to call her a friend! All the streams this week have been so good, been so fun, ahh I just loved them. Streaming is so much fun, I will forever just be gushing about how much I love streaming! Oh my goodness And here is a timelapse of an Itachi drawing we did last week that everyone has been enjoying!

Friday: I do have to say...thank goodness I am not streaming tonight because, I may have had a clumsy moment. So I was trying to straighten up a cabinet, and I have a christmas tree on top of it that was falling off. I stood it up on top of the cabinet and I needed to get a better angle to straighten the cabinet. I was totally expecting the tree to fall the other direction because that was the way the cabinet was leaning. but was I was getting up...the tree FALLS ON MY HEAD and I got plastic tree bits and a headache from that...oh boy. I I'm the problem. Oh my goodness. But here is an amazing drawing of Zhen, Kingston, and Miriam! I said I wanted to draw a ferris wheel and I did and I'm very proud of it dang it!

Saturday: What a great week, such an amazing art week, just ahhh Today's extra drawing we are posting is art that we did for our lovely lovely viewer Maxolotl, we did his OC Mocha, who is one of my favorite's of his! you know you know.

I hope y'all are doing well!! WE are so close to 200 on Twitch!! Ahhh! So please stop by when you can! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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