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Week of April 9th

Did it take me all weekend to finish this webcomic? Well... technically not ALLLL weekend, but like... a lot of it. It was a lot, 7 pages in a week, not too bad! I think it turned out really cute. So here you go! check it out!

Monday: This day kinda just flew by! I did annouce my ambassadorship with KanVisto! So if you use code CHOCOICHIGO at checkout, you can get 10% off annnnd also I make a commission for each purchase! So be sure to use that code and get some neat stuff! I posted the schedule, I don't even know why I make a schedule, I never stick to what I say I am doing, but at least people know what time I am streaming and the schedules are always cute looking, so at least there is that!

Tuesday: AHHH Someone made art of my sweet sweet vtuber! That is just so sweet! Look at it!

Also, here is part 1 of the video verison of the webcomic! Wooh!

Wednesday: Here is the post for today! It is Riku just after a little yoga work out...only a little though, because she didn't want to get sweaty.

Thursday: Part 2 of the video verison of the easter webcomic! Yey!

Friday: It seems by the end of the week I am always baffled as to how supportive people are of my art. It is just absoutely wild. In the last stream of the week, someone gifted 10 gift subs and donated so many bits on Twitch and I cannot believe that happened! Thank you so so much, that is just wow, It means so much. I talk about it all the time, but the support means the world, I never expected this much love, just ahhhhh I was so excited that my hands and feet went numb, that is when I know that I am just blown away by all the love and support. Thank you everyone who supports my art, shares it, supports it, watches my stream, whatever you do, thank you so so much! Also...LOOK AT MY BOI!!! I freaking LOVE this drawing. Look at the lighting, look at everything just AHHH

Thank you so so much for the amazing week everyone! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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