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Week of Feb 12th

Sunday: This weekend has just gone by so quickly, I feel like I didn't really get time to relax because I was still working on stuff! I was trying to finish part 3 of the Valentine's Day series, almost got it finished, but it will be done for Tuesday's post! This week is all weird with posting, since I am posting a webcomic on a Tuesday, we are celebrating Granny's birthday on Saturday, it is all topsy-turvey, but that is okay! We watched the Super Bowl, I'm not a sports person, but we all know we were really just here for the Rihanna concert. It was fun though, it was an experience. Also watched the Puppy Bowl, Pistachio's rooting team won, yey Pistachio! We posted part 2 of the Valentine's Day series! Oh my goodness, the DRAMA!!! Ahh!

Monday: Wooh! The start of the work week! It was a pretty chill day, not that active of streams, but hey! It is Monday, so like, that is always to be expected! We started a drawing of Miss Suki and Kingston, another color drawing...I know...I know, More color?? Who AM I??? And then we also worked on some of the graphic novel! We finished off chapter 2 and then started working on chapter 3!! Wooh that is so exciting! Tuesday: To say this wasn't a busy day would be such a lie! Oh my goodness, it was a good day! So, SO We finished the mini Valentine Day's series! Whoo! I know! So exciting!!! So happy we finished that and I loved the outcome!

We also did a sweet drawing of Kingston and Miss Suki, will I ever call Miss Suki by her first time after all this time? Maybe someday! Oh my goodness, I love love loved the drawing I did of them though. So precious! What a good drawing to do on Valentine's Day And then, I did a viewer's request stream and...may have gone a little wild with the drawing, TURNED OUT SO GOOD! But we will talk about that another day! Wednesday: Something that I love about Twitch is that it is very much a "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" situation. When you raid someone, you are giving your audience to another person and having them support their streams. It helps gain more eyes on another person's stream, and it is an amazing way to support each other. Then you will see that people that you have raided will raid you back if they are ending a stream when you are live. It is such an amazing experience and it makes me so happy to be part of a community that loves to support each other!

Thursday: I...I don't even know how I lived, I was feeling so poorly. I managed to make it to one stream, we got a page done of the graphic novel, but other than that, oof, I was feeling so gross! So, I didn't do a late night stream, which was so weird for my brain to understand, but I was able to get some extra rest in, which is something I for sure needed. Friday: Still feeling poorly, but at least I posted the final reminder that it is Granny's birthday! Other than that, it was just me working on some outlines, working on some scripts, just a recooperating day, that is for sure! Saturday: AHHH THE DAY IS HERE! It is Granny Tsuki's Birthday!!! We are having a stream tonight to celebrate! We are showcasing some beautiful art done by the lovely Sweeties of the Choco Ichigo! community! And we are working on a Granny birthday sketch! It is going to be such a fun time! I do hope y'all stop by! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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