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Week of Feb 19th

Sunday: OH my goodness, we had such a fun celebration for Granny's birthday! If you didn't know, I was putting on a little "Draw my OC in your Style" challenge because I wanted to challenge people to draw Granny!! And a few people did, we got 4 submissions, which is like REALLY REALLY COOL! Because like...oh my god, people drew MY CHARACTER!! People drew Granny! Ahh! So fun! It was such a good time! But yes, yes yes, so much fun! Down below we have everything to showcase, ahh! I love them all so much!

Monday: Oooh yeah, work weeks once again! Yeah! We did pretty good progress for a monday, although the streams may have been a bit quiet, it was still productive and that is all that matters. We managed to finish a drawing and then started a webcomic! So I think that is pretty good progress! The goal is to finish the webcomic in the next 2 streams or so! ALSO I have finally figured out when I am going to be doing Viewer Requested drawings, Thursdays, Thursdays are for Viewer Requests. So if you stop by my stream and you earn channel points, you can get something drawn by me! yey! Tuesday: Blaiwjfaoief Sorry, that was just the noise that happened when I got raided on Twitch, but...I should talk about what happened before that Soooo we posted Part 2 of the Valentine's Day series on Tiktok and oh my goodness!! We are almost at 100 followers and 1k likes! Ahhh!! So wild! Tiktok has kinda been a slow growth, but that is okay!

Anyway, so like...Twitch, bruh, oh my goodness, just so so happy! So we were raided by a kind kind person LEXIYIA and then after that some of their followers followed me!! I gained 5 followers just because of that raid! Thank you so much!! And then by the end of the stream, got another follower, so that was 6 followers in one stream...GAH that was so cool! The next stream...goodness sakes, it was wild, people are wild, but we have fun What wasn't fun though was all the hecking wind that was happening!! I am streaming!! Mother Nature, calm down! We are getting the last little bit of a winter storm, soon it will be hot hot hot, so...might as well enjoy the cold while it is here, not really enjoying the wind, but I don't know if I am ready for the heat.

Wednesday: Kind of a quiet day when it comes to streaming, and that is okay! As long as some people are there and such that is all that matters. I did do a Viewer Request stream finally! I plan to do those at least once a week! So come by! Earn some point and Request something for me to draw! We also posted Tree...yeah, don't know why these kids are in the tree, Haruto looks like he is holding on for dear life, but..he has Kagami, he is fine. But also, this drawing like blew up on Instagram, have no idea why, I love it, but like...alright haha neat!

Thursday: Oooh boy, has my mind be getting wild as the week goes on...must mean I am tired! But all in all, it has been such a good work week! We posted the final part of the Valentine's Day series on tiktok! yeyy!! but today was just not my day, during the first stream my computer was just acting so wonky, streamlabs wouldn't open up properly, then all my other devices just decided to be like...nahh, not gonna work. It was stressful, but it all worked out in the end! I have been experiencing some inner ear problems, it started in the midst of stream, so thankfully I have a few days where I won't be streaming and that can heal up. Not fun! I think it is due to allergies, but oh well.

Friday: The end of the work week, heck yeah! Even though...we all know that it isn't the end of the work week for me...because I DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOP! Well, we posted this hecking cute drawing of Aidan and Yuuki, so so cute, so baby, just ahh, love them! but yeah, not a lot happens on Fridays other than just me coming up with ideas for future posts..hmm...yes

Saturday: WOOH Saturday! You know what that means, bumbumbumb POSTING my random Viewer Request Drawing!! Ayyyyyeee So, here we have my second ever requested drawing is hecking random, but I love it. So, a wonderful 'delightful' (iykyk) viewer requested a drawing that is 1-3 random words. So they pick if they want it in color or monochrome, and then 1-3 random words to inspire a drawing. This viewer requested: Cheese, Fatness, and Mirror I supposed to do that???? I wracked my brain for a while and FINALLY I figured out something. So we have a bunch of mice, some are a little chubby than others, BUT THEY ARE STILL VALID AND LOVED AND AMAZING, who are enjoying cheese, on top of a mirror that is being used as a Charcuterie board...yep..that's...that is what happend and I love it

But yes, the end of another week Thank you so much for everyone who has stopped by on my streams, be sure to check that out if you'd like! We have so so much fun! Catch up on other webcomics, art, whatever else I put out there in the world, and yeah! Thank y'all for stopping by! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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