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Week of Feb 5th!

And here we are again! Another week of hopefully productivity! Let's see what happens! Sunday: We posted the first part of our mini Valentine's Day series! OH Me Oh My! Haruto getting flowers from a secret admirer?!?!? It isn't Kagami, because of course... they are not dating, it''s not dating. Nope, And it isn't Kirena?? Then WHO is it?! I guess we will have to see next week to see who it is!! I am so curious!

Monday: Wooh! The start of the work week, heck yeah! All in all, it was an easy day! We posted the twitch schedule, a lot of working on art and webcomic stuff this week! So, our first stream of the week we announced OUR FIRST ART CHALLENGE! YEAHH!!! We are doing a "Draw My OC In YOUR Style!" Challenge with Granny Tsuki! It is Granny's birthday on Feburary 18th ,and I thought it would be fun to do a challenge! So, if you want to participate, go for it! Get your submission in by the 18th of February and it will be shown on my stream! Heck yeah!!! I'm so excited! And then later that night we worked on the webcomic for Valentine's Day...My brain might have been wilden a little bit, once again...singing like old songs from my childhood..ahh good times. BUT ALSO we did some plot thickening of a character that you guys don't know exists! So that was fun! This is why y'all should check out my streams because you get some details that NO ONE ELSE DOES!!!

Tuesday: Another good and productive day! We posted all over social media for the Draw MY OC in your Style which Grany Tsuki! We are already getting submissions and that is wild! I didn't know how many people actually wanted to do it and just know that some people are wanting to or at least considering doing it, is so fun! Something I think that is really fun is the fact that people are like, "I have never drawn an elder before" or like the lean away from drawing an older person. THat is kinda why I wanted to start with the art challenge with Granny! You don't see a lot of eldery in those art challenges and I think that is sad! So, of course we are going to do the younger characters for challenges, but the fact that we can start off with using Granny, it just means a lot to me! Wednesday: Today was an interesting development. I didn't get a lot of sleep because I was thinking of how I was going to set up for stream. I have mostly been working from my bed because I deal with chronic pain, but noticed it was just making my back even worse as time went on. So we set up a makeshift desk. I can't sit at my actual desk because of sound problems, but now I am just in the middle of my room using a dinner tray to use my laptop on. It is a bit of an adjustment period, but I should be fine after a little while. Stream was so great, new follower, 2 new SUBSCRIBERS! it is always so shocking when people subscribe to me, like, hello? You are subbing to me?? So cool! But we got part 2 of the Valentine's day series done and started part 3. It was very productive and all in all some good streams! OH Also posted this fun drawing of Aidan, she is beautiful!

Thursday: The last day of the stream week! I posted a tiktok and's doing pretty well? Hello?? So cool! Streaming, we continued work on our Valentine's day series, but didn't get it all done so that will be my task for the weekend and that is okay! On another note...I kinda broke my bed, like...that happened. I was setting up my stream and I got up from my bed and the box spring just...CRACKED and I fell and it was a thing. I streamed, and then at 6:30 in the morning I had to flip my box spring and my mattress that was like 45 minutes of hell, but I did it! I am in pain...and so Friday is for sure going to be a day of recuperating.

Friday: Ahh yes, Friday. May Have slept it until after 2pm...after going to bed at after 8am, but was Friday, it is fine! We posted a fun fun drawing of Kagami and Miriam. Seriously, Miriam is such a mini me of Kagami, You think Miriam is going to be a pastel goth when she gets older? Probably. I think that would be so so cute!

Saturday: I thought today I would post about the stickers we have so far on Twitch! There is an extension on Twitch called "Stream stickers" and they have a lot of different stickers, but when you get affiliate you can make your own stickers!! And so far we have two, it is of my boys, Mikey and Pistachio!!! They were created by our lovely lovely RayaSakunai and I love them, it brings me so much joy when people use them on stream! Ahh!

It was a good week! Perhaps not as productive as I would have liked, but hey! That is okay! Not every week is going to be the same as the last and that is good! That means that I am not going ot get stuck in a rut and that is very important! I do hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and have a great week ahead! Remember we are still doing the Draw My OC in YOUR Style challenge for Granny! Put in your submissions on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, all those fun places! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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