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Week of March 12th

Hello once again! It is a busy week with a lot of fun things going on, so let's get started! Sunday: Basically all weekend I was just enjoying the sims as I usually do. I am so so excited for the new expansion pack...INFANTS AHHHH I'm so exciting. Yeahh, I am totally aware there are going to be a lot of bugs...that is just how the sims it, like...things gonna break. It is fine, I'm excited. I just...I need infants now!! I also spent the weekend working on all the sketches for viewer requests. I am pretty much caught up, except for a few that just haven't been fully requested yet. But now all of those are ready for when I do them on stream! Yey! Also...can we just talk about this webcomic and how literally me this is. I am totally like this, if I know I have an appointment or some kind of obligation, I cannot do a thing. Even if it is just like checking emails, doing a sketch, whatever, my brain will be like, "If you do this certain are going to miss your appointment, you are going to be running late." Is anyone else like that? Time blindness is totally a thing.

Monday: A start to the hectic week! But it is going to be fine, it is going to be great. Just...keep it together! Ahh! Okay, I'm good, I'm okay! But this week we have 3 drawings planned, well...3 drawings, a viewer request which is technically 4 drawings, and then a 2 page webcomic...It's good, it's fine. We already finished one drawing, and half of a webcomic, so like...we doing great! Yeah! Just...just breathe. Ahh...yeah...oops, so like...I forgot to keep up with the blog this week. So um...Heyyy. I guess I can give a brief overview as to what happened this week. We met our goal of 160! That is very exciting. I wanted to reach 160 by Saturday and we got that on Tuesday!! Isn't that wild?!?! And since then we have reached 165! I am thinking we might reach 175 by the end of the Month. If we don't, that is okay! Just knowing that we have made it this far, it is outstanding!

Here are some of the fun things we worked on this week! Tuesday: It was Pi Day! A very important day! get to eat PIE! Heck yeah! But it is such a busy time at Stay Sweet, but everyone is working together to make sure they have the best pies for everyone to enjoy! Wednesday: Here is the video version of the webcomic. It was recieved very well on Youtube Shorts. I liked a comment that was like, "are we not going to talk about his stitchs on his back?" we are not...Yet...HEUEHEHUE

Thursday: We celebrated Panda Day! I haven't posted this anywhere yet...because I forgot. But to anyone who reads this...ENJOY MY BABIES!!! We have Mikey the Panda, Pei Pei the warrior princess panda, and Pistachio the alpaca who is an honorary panda. I love them so much!

Friday: It was St. Patrick's Day! Although it is a holiday that I don't exactly celebrate, I did really really enjoy the drawing that I made. So...this drawing, it was just supposed to be Carter and Kagami sitting by a wall, just simple, done this a billion times. Then, my brain was like...ABANDONED CHURCH! The abandoned Church is actually a big thing when it comes to Choco Ichigo! It hasn't been seen in the webcomic...but, now you know a little more details. But goodness sakes I love this drawing so much. the clovers, the grime on the walls, the characters.. The memories of how much time I spent working on Carter's left foot and also how the moasic wall took like an hour to do...worth it. I adore this drawing.

Saturday: Okay, so I normally post something that isn't exactly Choco Ichigo! related or just extras I had, but I got overwhelmed, because the 18th marked 6 months on Twitch. I want to make a second post all about that. So I don't really have anything to post right here, but just wait until the next post and we will be having a good ol' time celebrating! Yey! Thank you all so much for stopping by. It was been such a good week and I am looking forward to what else we have in store for the next! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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