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Week of March 19th

Sunday: Ahh! It is our 6 month annivarsy! That is amazing! If you didn't see our post honoring all of our fanart, I highly reccomend looking at that. Since we did that, there was no webcomic post. Don't you worry, it will come back next week!!! Monday: First day of the work week! Heck yeah! Today on stream we announced the 2nd Draw my OC in YOUR style challenge! But more about that tomorrow! Ahh!! And then we started working on the webcomic, which an exciting thing about this webcomic is that it is going to be...IN COLOR! I know..I know...I haven't done a color webcomic since 2019...oof...but it will be fun, it is good to challenge yourself!

Tuesday: WE OFFICIALL ANNOUCED the 2nd Draw My OC IN your style! Ahh! Oh my goodness, and we already have 2 submissions?! HEllo?! That is so exciting! I am so happy that people are inspired to draw my sweet baby Miriam! I do hope more people partake, because goodness sakes, she is absolutely adorable! Also, ahem...I started streaming on Kick. I really like it, it is really nice and like...apparently I was on the front page shortly, um..hello?!?! That's so cool! So, I will be streaming there and also streaming on Twitch. Twitch will still be the special place where work on the graphic novel, so I will not be streaming that anywhere else.

Wednesday: We posted this wonderful, adoreable, Studio Ghibli esque drawing. You know..this drawing was meant to be in monochrome (black and white) but... I was like, I got time! And then made it in color. And I actually got this drawing done in under 3 hours too! Which is like really really fast for me! It is wild! So, as for streams, first stream, it was fine and then the second stream...I was blessed by an alpaca. I normally have a nap before my streams, because ya girl is a sleepy boopy, and well...I was a very sleepy boopy and Pistachio very much thought I needed sleep, and I woke up at to see my phone saying 12:34am and I'm like OH NO! And about a half hour later, I streamed and it was very very fun stream!

Thursday: it another day of the week? I wouldn't know...because I slept a lot. Okay so...I'm horrible when it comes to days I have an appointment, I'm really bad. I am so anxious I am going to miss it! Even if I have 75 alarms, I still feel like I am going to sleep through all of them. So I kept waking up all morning, it was so bad. Then I had my appointment and then I just crashed. I snuggled Mikey and Pistachio and slept.

We finished working on the webcomic, it is in color! ahh!!! It is so wild seeing a webcomic in color! I bet everyone is going to be shocked when they see it! Friday: I don't even know what happened on stream, but it was so funny. I know at one point I was dying of laughter because of a fish brush I was using. So we were working on a Viewer's request, and I was looking for a jellyfish brush and then I found a fish brush. Then at one point I was doing an overview of the Art Challenge, and I realized that the brush I had out was the fish brush and I was using that to help talk about the Art Challenge. Oh my god, I was dying. It was so funny. I was crying, I snorted, it was everything. Everyone was dying with me too, it was hilarious. We also made a very random drawing too. So like, I had a half hour left of stream, I could have ended early, but nah, no, I'm gonna draw. So I asked chat for a random word. And then I ended up going a half hour past I normally end stream because I was invested in our random drawing. Streaming is fun...

Also...I might have forgotten to post a drawing today...WHOOPS! Saturday: here we are...once again... SATURDAY! HI! It was such a good week! we made it to our part way goal on Twitch, I was hoping to make it to 170 by the end of the week and we did! Ahh! We started streaming on Kick and it has been amazing! And we had some really good moments this week. The image below was the greatness that was created because I had too much time on my hands because I finished my work on stream early. I asked the chat random words and they came up with, "bear, burger, and lamia" and thus....this was created. I...I don't even know. But it is cute! And King Bear and Lamia are dating...just saying.

I hope everyone is doing well and had a great week! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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