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Week of March 26th

Sunday: Yuuki was betrayed by Kagami? What did she do?! Honestly, this webcomic is just so funny to me. Kagami and Haruto are just at peace, just being their cute little selves, and then here comes Yuuki, totally the opposite of how Yuuki is just yelling and screaming. I have never seen Kagami so scared in her life. Like Kagami has been through some stuff...but the fear that is in her eyes when Yuuki is just glaring into her soul, she is terrified, and I find it so funny. How dare you, Kagami, how dare you betray Yuuki?!

Monday: Another weeks begins! I feel like everything was kinda uneventful, which isn't a bad thing, just means I feel like this week will kinda be easy! We have a webcomic to work on that is 3 pages and I am thinking I am going to post it on Saturday instead of Sunday...I know...I know... That all depends on if I am actually feeling well on Saturday, since I am going to get my Covid Booster shot on Friday, so it just depends on how sick I am. But I think it would be funny to post it on Saturday! Yeah! We are also really anticipating 175 follows on Twitch. I really want to get there by the end of the month, it will be great! Let's gooo!!

Tuesday: Oh golly, it is Tuesday, it was a pretty decent day! I felt like I got so so SO much done! I even was just sitting there for like 20 minutes thinking about how much free time I had...basically doing nothing, but hey! It is the nice thought, alright! We posted a new webcomic in the video version, heck yeah! Also...hello 1k views on Youtube?!?! I got some interesting comments... but that is okay, they are still a view at the end of the day!

Wednesday! Ahh we posted just a pretty drawing of Granny, I just ahh I love it so much! There is just something about Granny that just gives this eternal beauty, she is just gorgeous. I am pretty proud of this drawing. I almost feel like this is calendar worthy...if I am to make a calendar for 2024...we shall see, huehuehue!!

Thursday: OH MY GOODNESS! We made it to our Twitch goal!!! Ahhhh!!! I wanted to get to 175 by April and we did it! I set a new goal for 200, don't know how long that is going to take, but we are doing well!! annnnnd we made it to 20 on Kick! Heck yeah!!! Also, here is the tiktok we posted of my babies!!! Yey!!!!

Friday: To anyone who was there at my stream...I will never look at boba tea the same way again. anyway, I got my covid booster, so that is a lot of fun. I planned to kinda be sick during the weekend. so I just wanted to enjoy some musicals and play the sims and relax heck yeah. But here is a cute drawing we posted for Transvisiblity Day! Yey!

Saturday: APRIL FOOLS ahhhh beause I posted the webcomic on Saturday instead of Sunday...yeah...yeah...I'm hilarious, I know. But it was a funny webcomic, Kagami and Haruto switched their hair color...and yet no one even noticed...the poor things. But it was still fun!

Thank you so much for another great week! It is now April and of course we are going to start the month off right by celebrating Miriam's birthday!! woooh!! Stay Safe and Stay Sweet!

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