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Who Is He?

Kirena was captured by a mysterious man. His name is Chioso and he is... Is he an actual vampire?!

Homecoming is getting closer to the end, only two more comics, my goodness have I learned so much during this little saga.

So...what do we think of Chioso? I kind of love him and his dramatic weirdness. I love theatrics and I just feel like Chioso belongs in the theatre which is perfect because theatres are dark! may seem out of the blue of having a "vampire" and basically this entire storyline was curiosity of my loving grandmother. I thought it was a little weird at first of like....why is there a vampire, I don't have anything supernatural in my world... yet. And well, thanks to her and also making Chioso gave me so many ideas for Choco Ichigo in the future.

I also did a weird thing and I know I was in the middle of a saga but I had to do it. Choco Ichigo webcomic is basically practice anyway and my style is changing all the time so I changed the eyes....No one has black pupils anymore. I think it was a good decision. Puddin's eyes look a little bit like sunnyside up eyes and it is adorable. I started doing this with Kagami and I always loved how her eyes turned out and I was getting upset with how weird everyone else's eyes looked and I just...No I had enough of it and so I am pretty happy with the advancement with their eyes.

So yeah...Vampires, no black pupils, different looking poses! This saga has really helped me feel more comfortable with the making of Choco Ichigo and I cannot wait to see what else is to come.

Stay safe and Stay Spooky!

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