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Yuuki's First Date

Oh my gosh I was late to Yuuki's First date?! How did it go.

Oh, oh, that happened? Well yikes.

I woke up late and I'm not even going to apologize for that, my phone has to apologize for not going off! So say sorry phone, apologize to the people! ...... I don't think it even feels guilty! How rude.

Oh my gosh, so like have you seen Zhen Marks our new character?! I am in love with him. I have been waiting to put him in and it was finally time and I'm so excited to have him in. He is honestly one of my favorite characters to work with because he is so just not dorky but just a warmhearted goof. Now I love all my character in their own ways, Kagami and her subtle darkness but also caring nature, Haruto and his always kind of confused but just going along ways, Puddin and her randomness, I love them all. However Zhen, he is just amazing. I cannot wait to show him off more.

It was a big month we got two new characters! Zhen Marks and Aiden Furst! That is crazy! I am spoiling you folks! And there are only more characters to come. ;)

Anyway, I have to go, I got so much work to do this week and I am so here for it. Honestly I might just be drawing Zhen's hair over and over again because it is so much fun to do but yeah busy busy work!

Stay safe and stay sweet!

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