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Yuuki's Sleepover

So, this week I leveled up to age 24. That's pretty neat, I think? I don't know, I am still very much a child with bills to pay.

There is still a lot I want to do so hopefully this year I will be getting to that. Because it is kind of lame that I keep saying I have so much to do and have been saying that for a while and now it is like Hey...Maybe actually do that stuff? So maybe I should.

Anyway, let's talk about that comic. We all have that one friend that has to do odd things to help them sleep. I used to listen to music to help me sleep but then I discovered 10 hour long videos of rain noises which helps me sleep and I feel so rested, sometimes. There are some videos that just sound like bacon grease popping and that is annoying, so we avoid those.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoyed this week's comic. I am loving the font I picked out.

Hope you all are doing well,

Stay safe and Stay Sweet!

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