Don't take our Chocolate Strawberry

On the cusp of midnight, four friends, Riku Tsuki, Kagami Kumosaki, Yuuki Hooseki,    and Puddin Keesu sit around the TV waiting to count down to midnight to welcome the new year. Little did they know the new year will bring more than just resolutions they would not fulfill because seriously, who actually does those? 

As the clock struck midnight their souls fly out of their bodies and into dolls that have existed for centuries. Once into these dolls, they have powers that no one could ever believe and they must use these powers for the righteousness of benevolence and rid the world of evil.  

They must meet the same fate every night, fearing what evil lurks behind the shadows or in the middle of the doorway because evil just likes to appear from nowhere at least knock first. When morning comes they can consume a certain "sweet treat" to welcome their souls back into their bodies and continue their day as normal teenage girls.

But will they ever live their lives normally again when malevolence is just around the corner? We shall see. Or you could like read Choco Ichigo because talks about that stuff. 

Riku Tsuki, 14 years old, a freshman at Hooseki High School. Riku helps run a bakery that her grandmother owns called, "The Chocolate Cattie." She loves fashion, cooking, baking, and art! She is longtime friends with Kagami Kumosaki. They are pretty much inseparable except for that time Kagami walked in on Riku singing into her microphone hairbrush. That was a long three days of awkward silence.  She loves her life, loves her family and friends and would not want anything to interfere with her normal teenage life. But, you know, being a teenager normal is never an option, especially when you turn into a sentient doll. 

Kagami Kumosaki, 14 years old, a freshman at Hooseki High Schoo. Kagami lives with her older brother Itachi in their small apartment. She is a bit obnoxious, a risk taker, but really loves to take care of everyone. She loves music, social media, and maybe a bit of the occult (but don't let her brother know; that he fears of turning into an alpaca again). I don't know why that is a problem, alpacas are amazing! She is a bit of a klutz. Even though she puts her life in peril, that just makes life more fun! Kagami started her friendship with Riku with a bit of a "push" and does all she can to make sure her friends and family are happy.  

Puddin Keesu, 14, a freshman at Hooseki High School. Puddin lives with her brother Takashi in a run-down home, waiting for their parents to come back from a long business trip. Though her home life may not be the best, Puddin is a super happy young lady. She loves food, anime, cosplay, and animals. Boy does she loves animals. This one time she tried to bring a cockatiel that she found on the ground into her homeroom classroom. Luckily, Miss Suki, her teacher, let her take it to the vet. Then Puddin ran back there after school. The only time I saw her run that fast was when they brought chocolate tacos back into the vending machines. That was a good day.  She is very close to Yuuki. We are not really sure how they became friends, but nothing will separate them. Puddin is super bubbly, friendly and will bring you a little light in your life.

Yuuki Hooseki, 14, a freshman at Hooseki High School. Yuuki is an intelligent, beautiful, clever, and also the rich kid out of her friends. She does not let her money get to her, actually, she does all she can to help her friends whenever they are in trouble. Her father school owner of Hooseki High School and her mother is a top-notch businesswoman. Though her parents do not understand why her daughter spends her free time with these misfits, they want the best for their daughter but more importantly, they want her happy. Yuuki is very quiet, she loves to learn, her nose is always in a book. She gives her all to her friends.

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