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Don't take our Chocolate Strawberry


Choco Ichigo! is a graphic novel series in the making and a weekly webcomic series created by Felicia Kane. 

Here you meet the main characters of the series and get to know them as teens and how they live their normal teen lives.  


Riku Tsuki, she/her 15 years old, a sophomore at Hooseki High School. Riku helps run a bakery that her grandmother owns called, "Stay Sweet." She loves fashion, cooking, baking, and art! She is longtime friends with Kagami Kumosaki. They are pretty much inseparable; except for that time Kagami walked in on Riku singing into her microphone hairbrush. That was a long three days of awkward silence.  


Kagami Kumosaki, she/her 14 years old, a sophomore at Hooseki High School. Kagami lives with her older brother Itachi in their small apartment. She is a bit obnoxious, a risk-taker, but is very nurturing. She loves music, video games, social media, and maybe a bit of the occult (but don't let her brother know; that he fears of turning into an alpaca again). I don't know why that is a problem, alpacas are amazing! She is a bit of a klutz. Even though she puts her life in peril, that just makes life more fun! Kagami started her friendship with Riku with a bit of a "push" and does all she can to make sure her friends and family are happy.  


Puddin Keesu, 15, she/they a sophomore at Hooseki High School. Puddin lives with her brother, Takashi in a run-down home, waiting for their parents to come back from a long business trip.  She loves food and animals. Boy does she loves animals. This one time she tried to bring a cockatiel that she found on the ground into her homeroom classroom. Luckily, Miss Suki, her teacher, let her take it to the vet. Then Puddin ran back there after school. The only other time I saw her run that fast was when they brought chocolate tacos back into the vending machines. 


Yuuki Hooseki, she/her 15, a sophomore at Hooseki High School. Yuuki is intelligent, beautiful, clever, and also the rich kid out of her friends. She does not let her money get to her, actually, she does all she can to help her friends whenever they are in trouble. Yuuki is very quiet, she loves to learn, her nose is always in a book. Her father is the owner and principal of Hooseki High School and her mother is a top-notch businesswoman. Though her parents do not understand why her daughter spends her free time with these misfits, they want the best for their daughter but more importantly, they want her happy.


Haruto Tengoku he/him 15 years old, a sophomore at Hooseki High School. Haruto is the new kid in town, still getting adjusted to the life of the city and public school after living in the country and being homeschooled all his life. He had formed an instant bond with Kagami enjoying how odd and complex she is. Haruto enjoys sewing, making clothes, crocheting, and other handy crafts, fancy watches, and don't let that innocent face fool you, he LOVES metal music! 


Zhen Marks, he/him 15 years old, a sophomore at Hooseki High School. Zhen is popular at school, everyone enjoys him, though he suffers from extreme social anxiety. He grew up with Kagami and Itachi, they were his first friends and the first people he ever connected to. He loves gardening, enjoying flower arranging, learning about flowers, and enjoys their meanings. 


Itachi Kumosaki, he/him, 17 years old, a senior at Hooseki High School. Itachi is the older brother of Kagami and just as quirky. He works part-time at a pizza place to help support his family. He loves video games, comic books, superheroes, and rock music. He is a loving brother, he protects his sister with everything he has, (watch out Haruto),

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